• Long Range Thermal PTZ

    SOAR800-TH series

    Built in high sensitivity infrared thermal imaging camera with large aperture lens, and ultralow illumination integrated HD IPC.

  • all weather night vision IP Thermal PTZ

    SOAR971-TH series

    SOAR971-TH series mobile thermal PTZ has a dual payload: 30x color zoom camera-combined with a high-sensitivity thermal imaging camera.

  • cost effective Flir Maritime Payload PTZ

    SOAR970-TH series

    SOAR970-TH series maritime thermal PTZ enables users to navigate through thermal imaging technology in complete darkness,

  • Gyroscope Stabilization Themal PTZ

    SOAR977 Series

    SOAR977 gyroscope stabilization thermal PTZ uses a cost-effective solution to present an affordable 2 axis image stabilization system.

  • outdoor dual payload 640×512 thermal ptz

    SOAR971-TH series

    SOAR971-TH series dual payload thermal PTZ is an integrated dual-sensor IP PTZ surveillance camera system.

  • Patrol Robot Thermal Camera

    SOAR971-TH series

    The camera of a visible spectrum forms a high-resolution image, it uses a new high light sensitivity sensor.

  • Body Temperature Measurement Thermal Camera

    SOAR971-BT series

    Once it detects febrile people, it will automatically alarm and capture the pictures for storage, which highly improves the screening efficiency and effectively reduce the spread of virus.

  • IP67 Dual Payload Thermal PTZ

    SOAR970-TH series

    SOAR970-TH series IP67 dual payload thermal PTZ is a maritime standard PAN/TILT thermal imaging system.

  • 640 25mm Vehicle Mounted Thermal PTZ System

    SOAR970-TH series

    SOAR970-TH series vehicle mounted thermal PTZ can continuously rotate 360 degrees, providing users with a full range of adjustable vision.

  • Thermal PTZ Camera