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  • Application of gyro-stabilization in PTZ camera

    PTZ camera gyro-stabilization refers to the technology used to stabilize PTZ cameras, allowing them to capture clear and stable images and videos. This stabilization technology typically combines PTZ
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  • Application of closed-loop control system in PTZ camera

    Closed-loop control systemis a mechanical or electronic device that automatically regulates a system to maintain a desired state or set point without human interaction. If external factors such as win
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  • The application of deep perimeter analysis in PTZ cameras

    Perimeter security refers to security measures taken to prevent security threats and unauthorized intrusions within a specific area, known as the perimeter. Typically, a perimeter security system cons
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  • Application of harmonic gear drive in PTZ camera

    The harmonic gear drive is an innovative mechanism that utilizes elastic deformation to achieve transmission. It departs from the conventional approach of rigid mechanical transmission and instead emp
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  • Introduction of SOAR789 long range dual PTZ Camera

    The SOAR789 PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera system is a powerful surveillance solution that includes several advanced features designed to provide high-quality imaging in a wide range of environments. In a
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  • Zoom Camera Module

    Our company Hangzhou Soar Security was founded in 2005 and became listed company in 2016. We specialized in special purpose PTZ camera design and manufacturing for 16years, fully equipped with a quali
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